Walking Grades

The walking ‘grade’ determines the level of walking difficulty of the tour. Each Wilkes Walks holiday has a grade set against it based on the following criteria: trail conditions underfoot, the remoteness of the location, altitude gain and loss, likely weather conditions, the length of the walk, and walking day.



Walking on good paths with longer tops. The emphasis could include an element of walking to observe nature or sightseeing. Small amounts of ascent/ descent. Usually shorter / half days walking, up to 6 miles / 10km.


Walking on good established paths usually, across open countryside. Up too 1640ft or 500m of ascent/ descent. Mostly full days and maybe one shorter / half day of walking, could be 8-10 miles or up to 17km.


Paths are varied, there could be an element of rocky and/ or steep terrain. Up to 800m of ascent/ descent. Full days walking of up to 12 miles on some days.


Often an element of mountainous terrain. Some longer days possibly in remote areas. 700-1000m ascent/ descent and maybe over 2000m in altitude. Full days walking over 12 miles / 19km each day.


Steep, rocky terrain. Good balance and a head for heights required. Off the beaten track. Ascents/ descents over 1000m, perhaps over 1500m. Hard mountain walking, longer days in frequently challenging terrain.

Grading walking holidays is not an exact science and you should also read the rest of the holiday information alongside this guidance.  Please do not hesitate to make contact if you have a question.