Lords & Ladies (Ln. Arum maculatum)

Lords and Ladies, latin Arum maculatum. 

Welcome back to this poisonous perennial emerging now from under all the hedges and trees, the arrow shaped leaves can have blotches or be totally green. Later, a large sheathing bract encloses a phallic looking flower cluster. Then in Autumn after the visible foliage has died away, a stalk springs up with red berries. What a star! It gives value throughout the growing season.

lords and ladies 2

Foragers be careful: young leaves can look a bit like wild garlic and it can grow alongside wild garlic which is also appearing now, be careful not to pick Lords and Ladies as well. Also, not to be used as toilet paper!!

lords and ladies in the lane

The two photographs below were taken on the 28th July 2020 on Bank Mill Lane, Berkhamsted. I am adding them today 28th March 2021 by request. All the leaves, flowers and foliage has now gone.  

Lords and ladies berries July
Lords and Ladies berrys in the sun

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